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Sunday, November 27, 2011

"I Must-ache You to Thanksgiving"

Well I had a fantastic Thanksgiving with the family once again this year. And I pray you all did as well! My family is definitely a strange one.. And we proved that this year. The theme of our Thanksgiving was "I Must-Ache You to Thanksgiving." All the men were required to have a mustache for Thanksgiving. (Basically no shave Novemeber for the men until after Thanksgiving dinner). And the lovely ladies had to wear fake mustaches. Well it was a huge hit with the fam and definitely a holiday we will not soon forget.

This is my cousin, Amanda, and me with our awesome matching Ginger 'staches.

And here's the whole crew! We're a great looking bunch! Right? ;)

Another thing to celebrate this holiday season, is the engagement of my cousin Lindsay. She and her fiancé got engaged last Monday and I haven't met Connor yet, but he definitely seems like a keeper. CONGRATULATIONS LINDSAY DONALDSON AND CONNOR DRAKE!

Is this not the SWEETEST picture ever?! Way to go Connor!

So happy for you cuz!

And it was just a wonderful time of fellowship with everyone! Cousins, aunts, ucles, grandparents, friends, you get the picture. We laughed over Amanda catching her hair on fire, cried over the story of Connor's proposal to Lindsay, and just really felt the love.

Did I mention we went LINE DANCING?! So fun!

My lovely aunt and me posing for a picture on Thanksgiving

Cousin love!

I hope your Thanksgiving was as sweet as mine! And if it wasn't, Christmas is right around the corner! ;)


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