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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Streetlight USA

So as some of  you may know, I work at Streetlight USA.  The mission of Streetlight USA is to provide safe housing, prevent further risk of exploitation and promote healing for victims of child sex slavery. Streetlight's vision is to eradicate child sex slavery through increased awareness by creating nationwide, community based collaborations and safehouses.

Streetlight USA was created to provide restorative services to 11-17 year old girls who have been recovered from sex trafficking, and to help bring an end to child sex slavery. We are now a national organization, receiving children from all over the country. As our focus has been refined and our mission made more robust, we have implemented changes to equip us for being a more potent force in the fight against forced prostitution of children. . .

We have hit the restart button with the new energy and the expertise of local advocates and champions who are partnering with us to fight this injustice of domestic minor sex trafficking. We have a strong network of law enforcement, social services and civic and religious organizations that are walking with us, and we are preparing to be fully staffed to take the maximum number of girls.

For more information about Streetlight USA or to see how you can get involved or what you can do to help, email me at cara.streetlight@gmail.com


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