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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Glance in the Rearview Mirror

2011 came and went. It was a year of smiles and laughter, tears and sorrow, goodbyes and hellos. It was definitely an unforgettable year, and one that changed my life forever.

Let's take a look back at what 2011 brought. . .

  • "The Comeback Kid" - I had the honor of being part of Channel 12 and Phoenix Children's Hospital's Comeback Student Athlete of the Year! I was a winner and my story aired on January 29th on Channel 12. I will never forget this honor.
On the News!
  • Poppa - My great-grandfather of 99 years passed away. . . Just 8 days before his 100th birthday. It was a great loss to me and my family and I really struggled with it for some time. But I know he is in a much better place where there is no pain and no sadness sitting with our Lord and Savior smiling down on me. I love you Poppa!
My Poppa
  • MRA - had a shoulder procedure while I was wide awake. An interesting experience to say the least and just made me want to work in Pediatric Orthopedics that much more! Not to mention feeling pretty BA for going through with it without any kind of anesthetic ;)
MRA Battle Wounds
  • Senior Prom - "An Enchanted Masquerade" It was a night to remember! Being on Prom Court with Daniel Grundmeier and our epic, and unforgettable dance!
  • Concussion Cara - Suffered a traumatic brain injury from my prom date! AWESOME. (Still seeing a neurologist and taking pills daily for the lasting effects) Brain injuries are not something to mess around with!
  • Senior Trip - As senior class president, I planned the senior trip for our class to CA. It was a smashing succes ;)
Senior Prom
Senior Trip

  • GRADUATION - Graduated from Phoenix Christian High School!
  • It's Official - Nate Jonovich became my incredible boyfriend!
  • Rap Star Whaa? - The beginning stages of my dad's rap album began. . . What a sight to see!
The beginning stages of his rap album.
Recording day #1
  • Jamaica - I went on a mission trip to Jamaica for the third year in a row. And this year was by far the best, most emotional, most rewarding, and most fun of them all.
Jamaica :)
  • Left the Nest - I moved out! And into my awesome dorm at Grand Canyon University. LOPES UP!!
Amazing dorm!
  • Under the Knife - Had shoulder surgery after a year and a half of failed physical therapy. Done by one of the greatest Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeons around. Thanks Dr. Vaughn!
Shoulder Surgery
  • I love my Diamondbacks! - They made it to the playoffs and I was blessed enough to go to 2 of their playoff games! Ryan Roberts never disappoints ;)
  • BIRTHDAY - I turned 19!
Birthday Festivities
  • Car Owner - I bought my first car! AHH!
Toyota Camry
I hope you all had a great year! And I pray we all have a fantastic 2012



  1. i love this!!! what an incredible year for u cara, love you!

  2. That was so fun to read Cara! You had a full year for sure!