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Monday, January 30, 2012

Wash Your Hands and Say Your Prayers

As you may know, I am a Biology major at Grand Canyon University. I am currently taking Microbiology - and let me tell you, I AM DISGUSTED.

The whole course is about bacteria, viruses, and the spread of disease. My mind is blown when it comes to all the different types of bacteria and how it's literally EVERYWHERE!

In the words of my lecture teacher, Dr. Michael Collins, "Kids shouldn't be afraid of monsters under their bed, they should be afraid of viruses and bacteria!" And it is SO true.

I am now aware of the gross things that cover our bodies and everything we touch and come into contact with. I am CONSTANTLY washing my hands and hate touching my face in fear of catching some nasty disease.

A little over the top? Yeah, I'll admit it.

But as the saying goes, "Wash your hands and say your prayers, cause Jesus and germs are everywhere!"


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