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Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day consisted of three parts. . .

I had my usual Tuesday "Gregory Day." (Which are always so much fun!) I picked him up from school in his adorable Valentine's Day "I'm a lover not a fighter" shirt, got his goody bag and headed home! When we got there, he had the sweetest valentine gift bag for me. We had a fun-filled day and then off I went to see Nate! When I arrived at Nate's house, I was showered in gifts! Beautiful roses, to bags of candy and gum. And from his wonderful mom, a Wonder-Woman coffee mug, delicious chocolate dipped marshmallows, cute valentine's day playing cards and a Starbucks card! WOW - I was really feeling the love! Thank you Jonovich family!!
Gregory's Sweet Valentine

Greg and Joyce got Nate and I Super-Hero coffee mugs!

Em and I love our boys! And flowers too ;)

Valentine's Day Part One goodies
Have you ever seen a bigger or more beautiful rose?!
I sure haven't!!
Happened the day after Valentine's Day! My amazing parents made me a delicious dinner and gave me awesome gifts!! A SIGNED Tatman (Ryan Roberts) shirt!! They know the way to my heart! Jesus Calling, the incredible daily devotional I have been wanting so badly. And of course, Reese's. My very favorite :) Thanks mom and dad!!
Don't you just LOVE love?

The triple threat! Love
Baseball season, PLEASE hurry up!!
A date with my love. He picked me up, took me to see The Vow (which I was DYING to see) at the awesome Dine-In Theatre at the Esplanade!! It was so nice!! He's so thoughtful and sweet ;)
Me and my HOT date! ;)
What's Valentine's Day without a love note? ;)
And when I got home from my awesome night out with my honey, I realized - I didn't do anything for my roommates! OH NO! Good thing all three of them were gone the whole weekend, so I decided to give them something super special to come home too. . . A few candies, notes, and rose petals later, I conjured up something nice ;)
A trail of rose petals to each door. . .
A special note from yours truly. . .
And a Happy Valentine's Day to all!
I hope your day (or if you were like me - season) was as LOVE-ly as mine!!
All the love to you and yours!


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  1. What a memorable Valentine's Day! You are a sweet loving young woman and...
    You are very loved!