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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Challenge

Today I met with my favorite pastor over coffee. Brad has always been a hero in my eyes. An inspiration. A role model. So naturally when he sent me an email about getting together because he had something important to discuss with me - I was all for it.

I was eager to see what he wanted to discuss. The Challenge.

He challenged me to get 250 people to go to the Free to Laugh event this year. My first thought? "How in the world am I going to get 250 people to go to this thing?" My last thought before our convo was over? "I can get 300+!!" (With YOUR help of course!) The goal for the whole event is to get 2,500-3,000 people there this year!!

Our conversation got me so pumped! I left feeling excited! Blessed! Honored! On fire! And ready to do work.

Now you're probably asking yourself, "What the heck is this Free to Laugh business?" Let me tell you!!

As you know, (because I tend to mention it QUITE often), I work at StreetLight, an organization and safehouse dedicated to eradicating child sex slavery in Phoenix and beyond. When our brave and courageous vice squad goes to the darkest places of our cities and rescues these girls, we house them at StreetLight and give them the physical, emotional and mental stability and counseling that they need. And don't forget - these girls are 11-17 years old!

Free to Laugh was just an idea and a vision Brad had 4 years ago when he heard about the travesty going on in our city. When thinking about these poor girls he thought, "they're slaves!" and that's exactly what they are. It's heartbreaking. But the rest of us - we're free. Free to Laugh! And free to do so many other things! And he thought, "Since we're free to laugh, why don't we laugh to free these girls?" That may have sounded sketch to you, but just let me explain.

Brad and I and all the others involved know that human trafficking, sex slavery, child rape for profit - whatever you prefer to call it - is NOT A LAUGHING MATTER! I want to stress that to you!!

So the Lord put this on Brad's heart and he came up with "Free to Laugh: Laugh to Free." Sounds cool right? IT IS. Free to Laugh is a comedy event put on each year (this is the third year) that raises money for StreetLight and the curriculum we use for our girls called "Mending the Soul."

The tickets are $20 and 100% of that goes directly to StreetLight and Mending the Soul!

I have been both of the other years this event was put on and it was a smashing success each time. It's such a great feeling knowing that I am doing something to help a cause I believe in so much!

I want each of you to consider spending just $20 on a ticket and coming out to support StreetLight and Mending the Soul this year. You won't regret it!! And invite your friends to! Please feel free to call me or email or text - whatever! - for more information.

I am more passionate about this issue than anything else in the world! I know we can make a difference in this dark world of ours if we all join forces to fight the evil going on in our city.

As the saying goes, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
Let's go FAR! Let's go TOGETHER!

"Like" Free to Laugh: Laugh to Free on facebook (click here)!
Visit our website! (click here)
Get your tickets! (click here)

And when you buy your tickets, there is a field that asks you where you heard about the event. Write "Grand Canyon University" so we can track and see if the challenge is met!

We've got some sweet T-shirts! In different colors too ;)



  1. Beautiful, Cara! Thanks for stepping up to the challenge.


    Holly Craw
    StreetLight Communications

  2. OK!! Let's move it!!
    I'll get the word out ;)

    1. Yay! Thanks so much! I need all the help I can get ;)

  3. Cara, Susie and I would love to commit to the event. What day/night is it being held and where?
    Bless you in His Name as you follow the Lord's leading in this!