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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dr. Cardenas

I promised you all an update on "My Medical Scare." And here it is.

On Monday, Dr. Cardenas FINALLY called me back (HALLELUJAH!) He said all of my symptoms are very common. . . And to keep taking my meds!! He said he will slowly start weening me off of them when he thinks the timing is right. He also said to eat more salt (why?) I have no idea why I need more salt, but okay! I'm not complaining. He also said I have very low blood pressure and that explains why every time I stand up, everything goes black for a few seconds.

All in all, a pretty lame conversation. Nothing too crazy was said and no drastic changes were made. I just thought I would give you all a medical update on my health so you can be worry free :) I'm feeling much MUCH better with the exception of a few pretty bad headaches (but hey, after a traumatic brain injury, that's to be expected).

I'm not too worried, I'm in good hands!!

If you ever need to see a neurologist, GO HERE

And if your children ever need to
see a neurologist, GO HERE

I hope you all are doing well and have a happy Thursday!



  1. So glad your doc finally communicated! Take care of your little body;) sorry about those headaches, no fun. Xoxo

  2. More salt?? Hahaha! Kevin already thinks you eat too much salt :) And I must say I have seen you operate a salt shaker so this is a surprise! I wonder if it is an iodine deficiency? I had that at your age. I also have always had low blood pressure. Sorry to pass those things on to you :( Take good care of yourself Precious One! LYLnL!