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Friday, January 20, 2012

Experiencing Him

Tonight at Grand Canyon, Francis Chan came to speak. I have to admit, a big part of why I wanted to go was this longing to experience God in that room. I had expectations for tonight. All of which were met. I wanted God to speak through Mr. Chan and touch me like never before. Cut to the core and make me feel His presence on a whole new level. Experience Him, really, truly experience Him.

But before he came on stage to speak, a band played. A band I've never heard of. Rend Collective Experiment. They're from Ireland. (My kind of people!) The accent was unbelievable! The music incredible. . . And the lyrics, so beautiful. So real. The message, so true. So refreshing. So emotional. So pure. Everything I have been feeling and needing to hear was said in those amazing songs. Tears running down my face. Literally THEE WHOLE TIME.

Love those moments.

I love the moments when everything that's been on my mind, consuming my thoughts, all goes away and He is my focus. I can't even explain how much I have been needing a night like this. Everything about it was perfect. The songs. The message. The Lord.

His love and grace and mercy and character were revealed to me in a whole new way. The words went deep into my soul and made me realize things I've never realized before.

Like I said earlier, I went into tonight wanting to experience God in that room filled with people listening to a great message. But as Francis Chan stood up there and spoke, I felt as if he were talking to me directly. He addressed me exactly where I was. He said we should be going out to nonbelievers seeking out moments to share the love grace of our Father with them and experience God in those moments. Those scary, awkward moments when you don't know how the other person is going to react, but you know that you are a part of God's work. You are going out trying to make disciples.

I did experience God in that room tonight like I had been longing to for some time. But it made me want to go out and share the message of our Savior with so many who haven't accepted it or maybe who haven't heard it. And made me want to experience Him in those moments. I don't just want to experience God sitting in a pew listening to a sermon. I want to go out into the world and experience Him on a whole new level, knowing that I am carrying out His work. Making Him proud of me, and fulfilling my purpose on this earth.

I want everyone to experience Him the way I did tonight.


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