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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Places.

I promised a post on the different places we went in Guatemala.

And then I realized the lack of pictures. . .

But here we go anyway!

First, the Phoenix airport! DUH.
Next. . . The plane!
What am I looking at? . .
Next. . . Customs in Guatemalan airport!
Helping each other figure out the customs sheets
On to the van we go! For a five hour drive! After 7 hours on a plane! KILL ME.
Made it to the hotel!
Good lookin team!
Obnoxious dog at the hotel. . . Trapped in an enclosure on the roof
And man could he bark loud
Off to eat!
Albamar Restaurant
And the city of Quetzaltenango
AKA the city we stayed in
The village we worked in
Village kids playing soccer (futbol)
Great shot.
We were so high up, we were in the clouds! Literally.
The temporary shack church
Dr. Gomez speaking at church on Sunday
What the new church looked like when we arrived
The clouds are among us!
We spent lots of time in the van
Three amigos
It rained. A LOT. And some days the van couldn't make it up the crazy mountain to the village we were working in. . . So we had to ride up in the beds of trucks. I actually enjoyed it :) At least until the temperature dropped significantly and it began to rain. Of course.
Feelin good!
A little chilly
Now a little warm
Just right. Happy camper.
And the boots. Can't get enough of the boots.
Oh boy.
Morgan :)
Arabian Knight? Or Ninja? Hmm. . . Definitely never saw him
Shopping! For food! In a Wal-Mart owned store!
And now. . . Introducing my favorite place on this planet. . . ANTIGUA!!!!!!!!
Central Park
I adore horse-drawn carriages!
Beatifully artistic architecture
Ancient. WOW.
Hmm. . .
Main Street. El Guapo in the back.
"The Handsome One" volcano
So dang pretty
I love it here
Best coffee shop ever.
Bible scenes!
Coolest church ever.
Seriously. It doesn't get any better. I could call this place home!
One more shot of Main Street
We ate here one night. So good.
POPS. Ice cream! Best mint chocolate chip ice cream in the world.
Love it.
The cross.
So those are the places I went on my trip! Antigua was seriously amazing. Everyone should go. Starbucks has a coffee plantation there! It's where they get their Antigua blend! MMM.



  1. This doesn't look like a lack of pictures to me :) I love your reports and sharing.

  2. Staying tuned for "The Work" and "The Love" !! :)