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Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet Samuel

Samuel is 5 years old. And pretty much the cutest little thing I ever did see.

Any major breakthroughs or deep conversations with this little one? No. He's 5!

BUT the world's greatest hugger! No lie. This kid can hug. And melt your heart with his sweet little arms wrapped oh so tightly around you. I'll never forget this little cutie. His face is forever in my memory and his hugs are forever in my heart.

He and his brother David are seriously the CUTEST brothers I have ever seen. Get a load of them!
Stinkin cute right?
Samuel was a favorite among the team. For his bright smiling face, fun-loving spirit, and incredible hugs. This boy literally loved us like his very own family in the first five minutes we met him. This little one loves like Jesus. No doubt. And was amazing at making us feel loved.
Just like Ruth, he watched us work from above.
Quietly. Patiently. Happily.
Apparently Ruth was a little camera shy for this one ;)
My boys :)

So cute. So fun!
And one more :)
Samuel is young, but knows what love is. He knows how to show it and he knows how to really make you feel it. I never saw a smile leave his precious face. And it will forever be treasured in my heart.


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