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Monday, June 9, 2014

That One Time... PT. 2

This post is a continuation of "That One Time PT. 1." More memories. More laughs, tears, friendship and fear. Join me as I reminisce.

That one time I killed the demon cockroach. The team and I were sitting at the dinner table making a recording of our memories of the week, when we saw the biggest, scariest cockroach of our lives! And to make matters worse, it started flying. But I saved everyone's lives and killed it myself! :)

That one time Adam lost "what are the odds" and had to drink a whole jar of pickle juice.

Drink up!

That one time Jonathan lost "what are the odds" and had to eat a fish eye 

That one time Adam lost control of his body and slipped in the pouring rain... Hilarious

That one time we ate ants

That one time Tina was feeling sick and thought she had malaria... So she got a malaria test; it was negative and Dr. John laughed at her for thinking she had malaria

That one time Miriam ACTUALLY got malaria

That one time Mark and Jess poisoned us all with their cooking... 

That one time Ryne threw up 3 times on Sipi falls (because of said food poisoning)

That one time we went to Delicious Dishes (an Indian restaurant in town) and there was an explosion in the kitchen. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE fled the restaurant - except the 6 of us.

That one time Miriam said "You have a sunburn? Oh, I heard those hurt."

That one time Edwin tried his first pickle and HATED it. He thought it was going to be so good because he said he watched a "How I Met Your Mother" episode about how good pickles are.

That one time Adam held a chameleon on Sipi falls... And paid the boy who owned it because the boy said he needed to feed it rice. (Um, do chameleons even eat rice? Doubt it.)

That one time the president came through town -- right past CURE

The presidential parade

That one time Miriam told us that when the power goes out, it's because the president steals the power (meaning the electricity)... And we all believed her

That one time Adam shaved his beard for the first time on the trip, and he was afraid it would clog the sink and there was no trash can; so he kept the beard shavings in a plastic bag.

That one time Adam was on national television while we were in Uganda. (that's right, people. Adam was on "The Price Is Right -- and he WON A CAR!!)

That one time I cut an avocado in half with my superhuman strength (the pit and all)

That one time I thought I saw Christiano Ronaldo in the London airport

*NOTE: When I don't have my glasses on, it's common for me to mistake strangers for the wrong person... This has happened too many times to count

That one time I saw the favoritism in Dr. John's eyes shift from me to Ryne when he discovered that Ryne survived meningitis as an infant

That one time the van got stuck in front of the boys' apartment and they had to push it up the hill

That one time I had several women threaten to pour acid on my face... The threats come daily. Dr. Stewart says he will protect me - but I'm not too sure.

That one time Jonathan gave the wrong guy money on Sipi Falls. 

Sipi Falls

That one time Tina and I jumped in the natural swimming pool at Sipi Falls

That one time we went to get rolexes for dinner and we got swarmed by street children. All of us girls had our hair grabbed and pet and kissed, while Adam had his beard caressed.

That one time Tina and I were boda buddies and our driver decided to take the "scenic route;" a route we had never taken before. We had a moment of panic thinking we were being stolen 

Boda buddies - taking the scenic route

*This has been "That One Time PT. 2." Please stay tuned for more fond memories and hilarity! I am not yet finished :)


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