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Monday, June 9, 2014

That One Time... PT. 1

This is a blog post completely dedicated to the fondest memories of my trip. From the laughter to the cry-worthy moments, all the way to the times when I thought death was upon us. Join me in the reminiscence of the time of my life -- living life abroad in Eastern Africa.

That one time at the Phoenix airport, the people who check the bags asked us "what's in the boxes?" And we had no idea.

*NOTE: We had several boxes sent to us from CURE headquarters that we were traveling with because the mail service can take over a month to be delivered from the States to Uganda. It's much more reliable to have teams bring supplies to the hospital when they are traveling.

Rule #1 of traveling: ALWAYS know what is in every bag and/or box you are traveling with.

That one time Lizzie kept saying "bomb" and "guns" and other taboo words in the Phoenix airport

Rule #2 of traveling: NEVER say words like that in the airport. Just don't do it.

That one time Tina asked Adam "Did you get rid of the evidence?" in the Phoenix airport.

**Can you tell yet how much of a struggle the airport was for us?

That one time we got a free bus ride in London because we didn't know you had to buy tickets

That one time The Tube was on strike, so the short 24 hour stay we had in London was mostly spent on public transportation

That one time no one's debit card worked for the machine to buy tickets for The Tube.

That one time we were leaving the hotel in London to catch our flight to AFRICA and one of the girls lost her bus ticket and got left behind

Rule #3 of traveling: always keep tickets in safe places and have them in your hand and ready to board when the bus/train arrives

That one time James got stopped TWICE going through security... #StruggleBus.

Rule #4 of traveling: check the carry on guidelines before your flight and make sure to abide by the rules -- especially regarding liquids. Don't forget to put all liquids in a ziplock bag; and bottles can't be more than 3oz each.

That one time I saw a grown man doing a potty dance on the airplane...

That one time we arrived in Uganda and the airport security asked us "what's in the boxes?" (AGAIN?! REALLY?!) and someone replied with "I don't know... Medical supplies, I think. Like syringe tips. Needles maybe." And he still let pass. THANK YOU LORD

Rule #5 of traveling: refer to Rule #1. Never forget this rule.

That one time our driver picked us up from the airport in Entebbe, Uganda and told one team member to ride in the taxi with our luggage to ensure our luggage made it to the hotel... And Jonathan tried to get into the driver's seat of the taxi.

*NOTE: in Uganda, the driver's seat is in the right front of the car. 

That one time our driver asked Ryne "How's Mr. Obama?" And Ryne replied with, "I think he's okay. I don't know him personally." And the driver said, "You mean you don't sit together and share ideas?"

That one time at the Boma Hotel, we all ordered omelettes and the manager came and apologized for the wait because they had an egg shortage and had to go on a literal egg hunt in order to find enough eggs for our breakfast since there was a holiday the day before in which they used up all the eggs.

At the Boma Hotel eating breakfast

That one time Jonathan just couldn't seem to get our driver's name right.

That one time someone on the street said, "Mzungu, how are you?!" Oh wait, that's several times a day -- everyday

*NOTE: Mzungu means "white person" in Uganda

That one time we got pulled over for speeding... TWICE in the same day and our driver was asked to get out of the car the second time and we all thought he was going to get arrested. There we were, no means of communication. But he just got a ticket.

That one time (the same day as above) we got a flat tire and had to change it... To the most rickety spare tire you ever did see.

Waiting for our driver to change the tire

That one time Miriam was so  concerned about Adam because he's an only child; and she mentioned that when children are seen by themselves in Uganda, it means something is wrong

That one time we had our first bathroom experience in The Bush

That one time we ate mystery meat off a stick that we bought through the window of our bus passing through a town on our way to Gulu

That one time we went to Gulu -- a place that was a war zone just a short time ago because Kony and the LRA passed through and killed countless people

That one time we stayed at the Mwokka Hotel Gulu and woke up to a rooster every morning that crowed every 10 minutes... The rooster was INSIDE the hotel

That one time in the village in Gulu, Miriam asked us if we wanted tea at the end of the long day and we said yes. So we waited 30 minutes for her to boil the tea and then found out it was just boiled milk... Thanks Mark for the heads up! 

That one time I mentioned it was a dream of mine to catch a chicken, so they released two chickens and the people gathered around and watched as I chased them and failed to catch either. But we all got a great laugh from it :)

Photo Credit: Mark Barrett

That one time we bought two live chickens for dinner, and Tina and Jonathan each slaughtered one; Chelsea and Adam plucked them, then Ryne and I chopped and gutted them.

Photo Credit: Mark Barrett

That one time we barbecued our own goat.

That one time we learned to make chapati

Photo Credit: Mark Barrett

That one time my bathroom at the Mwokka Gulu was infested with bugs every night because the window wouldn't close

That one time Ryne's room and my room both got flooded at the Mwokka Gulu from the crazy rainstorm that blew our windows open

That one time we shoved twice as many people in the bus than could safely fit.

That one time Chelsey so eloquently described the dating process to Simon Peter and how it progresses to engagement and then marriage

That one time someone asked Adam, "Where's Eve?" Oh wait, that happens all the time.

This has been "That One Time PT. 1" ... Please stay tuned for the next post with juicy details and memories of my trip that surely won't disappoint. There are many, MANY more to come. 


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